Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Verbal Update

Grayson has been flying through the gross and fine motor skill milestones. Yes, he is running and trying to climb and can use a spoon pretty effectively. As evidenced by this picture...

But, lately his verbal/language skills have been improving and I find this most exciting.

His words are:
1. dada
2. mama
3. hat - FIRST WORD (other than the obligatory I know who my parents are :)
4. dog "dahhhhh"
5. ball "baaaah"
6. book "boooh"
7. up "ugh!"
8. pop/papa
9. duck "duuuuh"
10. Uh-oh "uh-uh"
11. Tonka "duh-da"
12. hot dog "ha-dah"

His animals sounds are:
1. baa - sheep
2. maa - billy goat

His signs are (notice most of these have to do with eating):
1. eat
2. more
3. please
4. cheese
5. cookie
6. cereal
7. dog
8. cracker - he made this one up
9. up
10. banana
11. blows kisses
12. bye-bye
13. milk
14. water
15. daddy
16. hat

Yeah, so the silence is over :)


  1. signs! Love it! We had so much success with the signing, and now our 6, 4, and 2yos are so crazy verbal that sometimes I wish we didn't encourage them so much. But only when they've all been talking for hours and hours on end!

  2. Can he teach my kid the sign for 'please'? X is almost 2 and has terrible manners :)

    Thanks for the safemama link - great resource! And thanks letting me share the soapbox ;)

  3. I could never get my oldest to sign, but I'm trying againg with the baby.

    And you are most certainly right. Say good by to quiet time :)

  4. Hi Jamie...thanks for visiting my blog! Yeah, that snow yesterday was surprising, but awesome! I just moved here in June after spending my entire life in Phoenix, and I'm loving it. I don't know why everyone keeps insisting to me that I will get tired of the cold real fast. They don't understand that X years (X = my age, which is a LOT) baking in the AZ sun was enough to make me hate the sun and 110 degree temps forever.
    Your munchkin is very cute, by the way! Talking, now it's all downhill after that. ;)