Monday, September 29, 2008

Shutterfly Updates

I have uploaded the September photos to the Shutterfly page. I also removed the huge Grayson album and will be replacing it with smaller monthly Grayson albums for easier navigation. Please bear with me during this reorganization.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Cold of the Season

Well, we knew it was going to happen. Grayson started daycare and we all got sick within the first 3 weeks. I got it first (last Saturday) and then Grayson and Nick came down with it Thursday. Grayson seems to have just blasted through it no problem. I kept him home on Friday and he went back to school today. He is mostly better, just a little more tired then usual. Nick is feeling pretty awful still. I am feeling mostly the same as I have since I got sick more than a week ago. I know that this is just the beginning. We are looking forward to a long winter.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Grayson started daycare last week. It is such a great fit for all of us. We are so excited to have found a place that he is happy and that we feel totally comfortable leaving him. According to his head teacher Ms. Carol in the Cottontails classroom he loves to sit at the table and watch the other babies eat and he talks to his new friend Chance all day. So cute. He looks so big sitting at the table with the other babies. They have been great about trying to stick to his schedule and he has been cooperating in that respect also. It is just such a loving and happy environment, we are truly blessed to have them be part of the "village" that will be helping us raise him.

4 month doctor's appt

Grayson had his 4 month doctor's appointment last week. I can't believe he is 4 months old already! Anywho, he was 16 pounds 6 ounces (80th percentile) and 26.75 inches (96th percentile). Where did this big baby come from? I still can't believe how big he is. His development is great. He is constantly rolling from his back to his belly, has great hand to mouth coordination and loves to stand up. As for his social/verbal skills he is also doing great, he turns his head to look at noises (especially mommy's voice), smiles at friendly people and it starting to become more verbal (says "ahgoo"). The Dr. thinks that he might be teething (swollen gums), we shall see.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Since our number one request is always for more pictures of Grayson, we have created a shutterfly web site that we will try to keep updated.

Please contact us for the access password.

One of my favorite pics taken at 3 months


Hello all. We started this blog as a forum to provide information about the O'Kane family and extended family for those who are interested in such things. Mostly it's for the latest and greatest on Grayson Paul. I will try to keep up with the postings on a weekly basis and include pictures.