Sunday, November 8, 2009

Time Travel

So by now you should all be used to my on again off again blogging style. Please bear with me and expand your imagination while reading my posts and pretend that they were authored on time instead of several months late.

Thank You


Happy Halloween

We attended the Pickford Annual Pumpkin Carving Celebration this year. They rolled out the plastic, pumpkins were carved, and the naked babies stayed miraculously clean.

Grayson decided to play the role of the friendly lion this year. He enjoyed dressing up for the school parade.

Trick or Treat Street in downtown Parker was full of fun, games and candy. Grayson loved the hay bale maze.
It wasn't just the kiddos enjoying themselves. Jamie and Laura sneaked away for some jello shots.
It just wouldn't be Halloween without the door to door trick or treating. Grayson and Clara worked very hard to fill mom & dad's candy drawer.
Thanks again to the Pickford family for inviting us to all of the holiday festivities. This was the best O'Kane family Halloween ever.

Grayson Explores the Zoo

That's my boy, go right for the snakes. Mom is outside with a serious case of the hebie-jebies while Grayson is pressing his face to the glass of the Snake bin.

1st Haircut

Grayson had his first haircut and was a perfect little gentleman during the whole process. I am told that most gentlemen wear there hair like this these days.

Dad goes to China

I am back from my second work trip to China, the visit was successful and should benefit the project.

The O'Kane's Visit the Splash Park

As August draws to a close, we decided to walk to the splash park. Grayson had a blast playing in the water fountains. I forsee many future visits in our future.

It's Just a Phase

I am told that all children go through phases.

I really hope this ill-advised Billy Idol phase doesn't last, Grayson just can't pull off the english accent.

Art Fair in Golden

We went to some art fair thing in golden this weekend (try really hard to pretend it is mid-August) with Papa and Co. I don't know if we saw any art, but Grayson had a blast eating on Uncle Kelly's lap and playing with Papa.

Just Friends

Rumor has it that there are people (Grandma Katy) planning Grayson and Clara's Wedding. I have protested such conversations out of principle from the very beginning, why do I feel that I am on the loosing side of this one...

Rasberry Picking Fun!

I am pretending that this post is dated mid-August, and you should too. Because then you won't think that we are such blog posting slackers.

What a wonderful weekend we had, dinner and rasberry picking at G'ma's. It was a shirt staining good time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Verbal Update

Grayson has been flying through the gross and fine motor skill milestones. Yes, he is running and trying to climb and can use a spoon pretty effectively. As evidenced by this picture...

But, lately his verbal/language skills have been improving and I find this most exciting.

His words are:
1. dada
2. mama
3. hat - FIRST WORD (other than the obligatory I know who my parents are :)
4. dog "dahhhhh"
5. ball "baaaah"
6. book "boooh"
7. up "ugh!"
8. pop/papa
9. duck "duuuuh"
10. Uh-oh "uh-uh"
11. Tonka "duh-da"
12. hot dog "ha-dah"

His animals sounds are:
1. baa - sheep
2. maa - billy goat

His signs are (notice most of these have to do with eating):
1. eat
2. more
3. please
4. cheese
5. cookie
6. cereal
7. dog
8. cracker - he made this one up
9. up
10. banana
11. blows kisses
12. bye-bye
13. milk
14. water
15. daddy
16. hat

Yeah, so the silence is over :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Trouble With Smurfs...

Everyone loves Smurfs. And why not, they are small, cute, and plagued by a large, grumpy human. What is not to love? Well, we have all been fooled. You see, Smurfs are a menace to society, they multiply faster than rabbits, have terrible hygiene and talk smack like a washed up hockey player. Well here at the O'Kane household, we have had enough. We are declaring war on all Smurfkind. Watch out Smurfs, we are coming for you, and we know that you taste like Cheese Quesadillas...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't Feed the Wildlife

Many people don't understand why it is unwise to feed wildlife in it's native environment. They believe that the mean park rangers want to punish the animals or don't want the animals getting fat. The true reason is far more insidious, because wild animals will quickly turn on a human and attack in attempt to get more food. So beware to all, don't feed the wildlife, for the next time you are in the wild, the animals may attack in search of more.

In related news Grayson finally has mastered the sign for please, followed immediately by the sign for "gimme more of that Root Beer Float."

Update: Uncle Kelly has just been released from the hospital. The doctors report that the bite marks on his lower legs and knee caps will heal completely. Kelly agrees that he will think twice about feeding wildlife from now on...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Everybody Get in the Pool

It has been beautiful this weekend and Aunt Kathy has been talking about taking him swimming so we decided to take the G-Man to the pool for the first time today.

He thinks his sunscreen tastes good. Yum.

He loved watching all of the kids playing in the water.

Here he is chillin', eatin' some Goldfish.

It was the perfect day for a swim. I love weekends.

Grayson's First Birthday

Hello All! Sorry, I am a little bit behind. Here are pics from Grayson's first birthday party. A good time was had by all.

Grayson didn't want to be messy when eating his cake. He doesn't like to waste food :).

Papa Pat showed him how it was done, to all of our amusement.

Thank you to every one who attended, and we missed all of you who couldn't.

Here's to another year of fun!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's a Big World Out There

Just a reminder to all...Nature is out there, proceed at your own risk.

Friday, March 13, 2009

10 Month Update

Hello all! Long time, no post. Things are pretty nuts in the O'Kane household with tax season and the usual rigmarole. You all don't want to hear about any of that you just want to know what the G-man, or as we call him "Agent Gray Baby," is up to. Well, he is currently working on the walking. He can do 2-3 steps in succession, which is fun and terrifying all at the same time. Oh, the havoc that will ensue. Other than the walking he has pretty much decided that table food is WAY better than baby food. Not that we can blame him, his favorite is cheese. He IS his mommy's baby...I was starting to wonder :). As for verbally he has added "mama" and "babapffffffttba" to his repertoire. We will get a sign out of him every once in awhile, either "please" or "milk," but pretty much he is not seeing any need to communicate further. He generally gets what he needs by grunting and being cute. We are working on it, he is male after all. His most favorite games to play are "So Big" and chase. He just loves to crawl as fast as he can while somebody chases him. He will stop and laugh and then continue as fast as he can. Here is a pic of the little man recking havoc and being a ham at the same time. (I might have helped a little ;).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back From the Dead... Tired

So the five of you out there that regularly monitor this blog, and the random others of you, you all know who you are, may have noticed a bit of a dry spell in blog posting lately. Well there are many contributing factors to this, exhaustion from Grayson teething, pure laziness or dogs nagging for walks. The truth is perhaps far more simple. You see, my last blog post, the one about the Department of the Grandparent, well it was pretty awesome. And how do you follow up a blog post like that? Good question, as you can tell, my choice was a 3 month sabbatical followed by a simple text only post. Not perhaps as entertaining to the masses, but it is the path I chose. So please look forward to more updates. I will try to reign in my creativity to prevent anymore... hiatuses.