Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back From the Dead... Tired

So the five of you out there that regularly monitor this blog, and the random others of you, you all know who you are, may have noticed a bit of a dry spell in blog posting lately. Well there are many contributing factors to this, exhaustion from Grayson teething, pure laziness or dogs nagging for walks. The truth is perhaps far more simple. You see, my last blog post, the one about the Department of the Grandparent, well it was pretty awesome. And how do you follow up a blog post like that? Good question, as you can tell, my choice was a 3 month sabbatical followed by a simple text only post. Not perhaps as entertaining to the masses, but it is the path I chose. So please look forward to more updates. I will try to reign in my creativity to prevent anymore... hiatuses.