Saturday, November 22, 2008

Depressed Dog Claims Impending Doom

This just in from our source on the ground. Local dog depressed over eminent demise.
Exclusive interview indicates formerly happy dog acknowledges that his end is near. Dog states, "I used to be loved... Until they brought home the screaming midget human terror. I have been on the outside looking in ever since." The dog, known as Tonka, insists that the newest addition to his family is "out to get him" and has made repeated threats on his life. The screaming midget human terror, known colloquially as baby, was unavailable for comment, apparently busy taking a nap. The dog concludes that he felt safe while the baby was immobile, able to "stay out of his murderous clutches" but is now unable to sleep as he has witnessed the baby crawl and knows it is only a matter of time until the baby is able to realize his terrible plans. At this time no evil doing has been reported. Dog is sleeping with one eye open.

Monday, November 10, 2008


We usually are not big on Halloween, but I have a feeling that that will change as Grayson gets more excited about it. This year he was a dinosaur/monster. The costume was just like fuzzy jams with scales and ears. Of course it was unseasonably warm on Halloween this year so he was baking. The daycare had a parade and it was so fun to see all the babies dressed up. All of the kids were super excited! We took the G-man to trick-or-treat to 3-4 houses in the neighborhood so that mommy and daddy could get some candy. Here are a couple of our favorite pics.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shutterfly Updates

The Shutterfly site is once again up to date. I appologize for the delay, I have been getting all sorts of increasingly hostile e-mails regarding this issue and I want everyone to know that I hear your pleas and the pictures are all once again available.