Friday, October 24, 2008

A Visit to the Left Coast

After much haranguing and arm twisting we relented to a long weekend trip to California so that Grayson could meet his Great Grandmother Stella McTeer. This of course was Grayson's first airplane ride. He did fabulously and charmed everybody in sight at both airports. We were very lucky to be able to see many of the members of this side of the family, they all were glad to meet Grayson and catch up with the best looking part of the Colorado clan.

G'ma Stella, Mama, G-Man, Cousin Sawyer & Bobby McTeer

Mama, G-Man & Mike McTeer

Aunt Mamie, G'ma Stella & G-Man

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let's Start With Running

Grayson has requested that he be able to skip sitting up, crawling, standing and walking in order to get to running sooner. We have signed him up for a marathon next weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Starting Solids

We started Grayson on solids this week. The doctor's wanted us to wait as long as we could, but he was ready. He has been watching the older babies at daycare eat their cereal so he has pretty much got it figured out. His mouth is constantly open so getting the cereal in is easy, it's the keeping it in that is hard :).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Date Night

Nick and I have decided to establish a weekly date night (Saturdays). This gives the grandparents (and other various family members) a chance to get their G-man fix and it gets Mommy & Daddy out of the house together. Last weekend we went to Red Lobster and Aunt Kathy and Uncle Chris watched the little man. He just loves Aunt Kathy (lots of laughing when she arrived). Uncle Chris is crazy and Grayson isn't sure what to make of him. Can't turn off the Wolfe Man. We need more ideas for cheap or free date nights.