Sunday, November 8, 2009

Time Travel

So by now you should all be used to my on again off again blogging style. Please bear with me and expand your imagination while reading my posts and pretend that they were authored on time instead of several months late.

Thank You


Happy Halloween

We attended the Pickford Annual Pumpkin Carving Celebration this year. They rolled out the plastic, pumpkins were carved, and the naked babies stayed miraculously clean.

Grayson decided to play the role of the friendly lion this year. He enjoyed dressing up for the school parade.

Trick or Treat Street in downtown Parker was full of fun, games and candy. Grayson loved the hay bale maze.
It wasn't just the kiddos enjoying themselves. Jamie and Laura sneaked away for some jello shots.
It just wouldn't be Halloween without the door to door trick or treating. Grayson and Clara worked very hard to fill mom & dad's candy drawer.
Thanks again to the Pickford family for inviting us to all of the holiday festivities. This was the best O'Kane family Halloween ever.

Grayson Explores the Zoo

That's my boy, go right for the snakes. Mom is outside with a serious case of the hebie-jebies while Grayson is pressing his face to the glass of the Snake bin.

1st Haircut

Grayson had his first haircut and was a perfect little gentleman during the whole process. I am told that most gentlemen wear there hair like this these days.

Dad goes to China

I am back from my second work trip to China, the visit was successful and should benefit the project.

The O'Kane's Visit the Splash Park

As August draws to a close, we decided to walk to the splash park. Grayson had a blast playing in the water fountains. I forsee many future visits in our future.

It's Just a Phase

I am told that all children go through phases.

I really hope this ill-advised Billy Idol phase doesn't last, Grayson just can't pull off the english accent.

Art Fair in Golden

We went to some art fair thing in golden this weekend (try really hard to pretend it is mid-August) with Papa and Co. I don't know if we saw any art, but Grayson had a blast eating on Uncle Kelly's lap and playing with Papa.

Just Friends

Rumor has it that there are people (Grandma Katy) planning Grayson and Clara's Wedding. I have protested such conversations out of principle from the very beginning, why do I feel that I am on the loosing side of this one...

Rasberry Picking Fun!

I am pretending that this post is dated mid-August, and you should too. Because then you won't think that we are such blog posting slackers.

What a wonderful weekend we had, dinner and rasberry picking at G'ma's. It was a shirt staining good time.