Friday, March 13, 2009

10 Month Update

Hello all! Long time, no post. Things are pretty nuts in the O'Kane household with tax season and the usual rigmarole. You all don't want to hear about any of that you just want to know what the G-man, or as we call him "Agent Gray Baby," is up to. Well, he is currently working on the walking. He can do 2-3 steps in succession, which is fun and terrifying all at the same time. Oh, the havoc that will ensue. Other than the walking he has pretty much decided that table food is WAY better than baby food. Not that we can blame him, his favorite is cheese. He IS his mommy's baby...I was starting to wonder :). As for verbally he has added "mama" and "babapffffffttba" to his repertoire. We will get a sign out of him every once in awhile, either "please" or "milk," but pretty much he is not seeing any need to communicate further. He generally gets what he needs by grunting and being cute. We are working on it, he is male after all. His most favorite games to play are "So Big" and chase. He just loves to crawl as fast as he can while somebody chases him. He will stop and laugh and then continue as fast as he can. Here is a pic of the little man recking havoc and being a ham at the same time. (I might have helped a little ;).

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  1. hey man! It's jim lemoine, I finally found my way over here to the blog, better late than never I suppose. Hope you guys are doing wonderful, looks like the little feller is really on the verge of being capable of doing damage around the house, that should be fun for us spectators :) anyway tell Jamie I said hello and I miss you guys